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Product Details
MPMC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of diesel generator sets powered by Cummins diesel engines. DCEC and CCEC are JV companies of Cummins Inc. MPMC cooperated with Cummins for many years, Because of its high reliability, low applied cost, Long working life trusted by customers around the world.
Features of genset powered by Cummins:
1. International Warranty Service
2. Short delivery time, as we always have Cummins engine in stock
3. With ISO9001&CE certification
4. Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price
5. Coupled with Stamford, Meccalte, and Leroysomer alternator
6. Perfect after-service network
7. Both 50Hz and 60Hz
8. Rigorous test including 50% load,75% load,100% load and 110% load
With all in one, MPMC containerize generator is reliable, easier and safer. 650-2000kva
20ft GP up to 800kva, 40ft HC up to 2000kva
MPMC standard and soundproof containerized gen-sets have the following feature:
1. Manufacture and design gen-set’s container according to ISO container standards.
2. Container with CSC/CCS certificate, the complete containerized gen-sets can be directly carried by Cargo ship.
3. MPMC container is painted with high stiffness and anti-rusty polyurethane paint; also chose the stainless steel makes it superior mechanism structural quality compare to ordinary container.
4. Two anti-explosion led lights fixed inside of container and control panel, design for maintenance and operation.
5. Front and back doors, two side doors and ladder on each side, designed for easier access and maintenance.
6. MPMC container gen-set is patent for its oil/water/diesel leakage free and recycling system.
7. All hinges, locks, screws are stainless steel, inside of the container fixed with anti-sea water/rainproof accessories.
8. Fix with control panel and output panel.
9. FIX PMG (Permanent magnet Generator) as standard, which ensure the gen-sets, can be started easily and offer stable power.
10. MPMC designed Fuel tank. Fuel supply drains, external auto refueling outer joint, and muffler etc. are well appreciated by our clients.
11. Our high performance soundproof material is durable, efficient and flameproof.

Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Dimension Weight
kVA kWe kVA kWe mm KG
MC780S-1 858 686 780 624 KTA38-G2 20‘GP 3400
MC780S-1 858 686 780 624 KTA38-G1B 20‘GP 9400
MC810S-1 891 713 810 648 KTA38-G2B 20‘GP 9550
MC940S-1 1034 827 940 752 KTA38-G2A 20‘GP 9550
MC1000S-1 1100 880 1000 800 KTA38-G5 20‘GP 10600
MC1150S-1 1265 1012 NA NA KTA38-G9   Standby 20‘GP 11600
MC1250S-1 1375 1100 1250 1000 KTA50-G3 40‘HQ 11300
MC1400S-1 1650 1320 1400 1120 KTA50-G8 40‘HQ 13200
MC1500S-1 1650 1320 1500 1200 KTA50-GS8 40‘HQ 13500

Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Dimension Weight
kVA kWe kVA kWe mm KG
MC700S-2 875 700 800 640 KT38-G 20'GP 8800
MC825S-2 1031 825 938 750 KTA38-G2 20'GP 8900
MC935S-2 1169 935 1063 850 KTA38-G2A 20'GP 9000
MC1035S-2 1294 1035 1175 940 KTA38-G4 20'GP 10600
MC1140S-2 1425 1140 NA NA KTA38-G9 Standby 20'GP 11600
MC1265S-2 1581 1265 1438 1150 KTA50-G3 40'HC 11300
MC1400S-2 1750 1400 1563 1250 KTA50-G9 40'HC 13200

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