Operation Guide

  • 1.The Periodicity trial operation is necessary for standby generator sets.
  • 2.Firstly finish all the inspection work before starting.
  • 3.Connect the battery to the genset, first with positive pole, then with negative pole
  • 4.Start diesel genset from the controller
  • 5.Check the unnormal noise or vibration of the genset
  • 6.Check if there is leakage problem for the three liquid( coolant, fuel and oil) & air exhaust system have leakage phenomenon.
  • 7.Check if there is any unusual indication for the meter of control system.
  • 8.Check the output voltage and frequency from the control screen
  • 9.Every starting, stopping or one hour running, record the operating parameter of the genset one time.
  • 10.Keep the load of genset without exceeding Rated value.
  • 11.Check whether the gensets can start automatically after get a signal from ATS.
  • 12.Start the synchronization function once the gensets working smoothly.
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